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Karebeh Art Group initiated its activities in Tehran since 2009. After creating two full length statues and carrying out an exhibition, the group decided to produce woody jewelry. The first products of woody jewelry were presented in Persia Hotel (lobby) at the end of year 2009.

In 2010, Karebeh was responsible for the art managing of “6th International student film & photo festival”, creating the festival statue, and also design and construction of the closing ceremony stage. During this year, Zodiac has been introduced to the market which was the month’s symbols engraving on woody tablets.

In 2011, Karebeh handled many projects in the field of graphic design, decoration, and ornament design. Also “Shahr Festival” book graphic design and printing supervision was done in this year.

Karebeh “Woody Jewelry Exhibition” was conducted during 2012.

Early in 2013, experiencing a new job, Karebeh designed and produced calendar just before the beginning of the solar year 1392. Hand-made ornaments were developed and mass production was achieved during 2013. Also a statue order came from Pileh Behesht group, a subsidiary member of Ivan Shams Complex, which was designed and created.

In the beginning of 2014, the second calendar was designed and produced before the solar year 1393.

At present, Karebeh’s main activities are:

Design and production of Jewelry and ornaments.

Design and manufacturing …, sculpture, and statue.

Graphic design.

Manual and machinery printing.


Clothing (dress) design.


Art management.

Karebeh art managers are Sahar Sasani and Sina Rooh.

Karebeh is not only a trade mark. Every one who can manage his/her job in the best way is a member of Karebeh. We should do our best in the least time. The group approach must be in a way that all of the clients get satisfied and be happy. We should perform in a manner that every person having our products pride and have an extraordinary feeling, in that he/she has selected the best quality (choice). Every member of Karebeh must be educated and target the learning to perform fascinating. The main prerequisites to be a member of Karebeh are respecting to everyone, being courage in action, kindliness to nature, and trying to make a bright way (path).