Dreams are the touchstones of our character

Karebeh Art Group was established in Tehran in 2008 by Masoumeh(Sahar) Sasani and Javad(Sina) Rouh  . After making two full-length statues and performing the exhibition in the hall of the Ministry of Interior, the company decided to make wooden jewelry at the end of 2008. The first generation of wooden jewelry was displayed at the end of 2009 in the Zomorod Art Gallery. In 2010, Karebeh were responsibe for the artistic management of Iran’s international student film and photo festival, Graphic design, Statue execution, and Closing ceremony Scene .

The Zodiac, a symbol of the months of the year on special walnut wood, was released to the market at the end of this year. In 2011, Karebeh participated in many projects in the fields of Graphics, Decoration, and Ornament design, and the design and supervision of the book printing of the Urban Film Festival were also completed this year. In 2012, the Karebeh wooden jewelry second exhibition was held, and at the end of the year, the Karebeh art group started a new experience with the design and production of the Calendar collection.

In 2013, Karebeh’s handmade Accessories were launched in the market in the form of 40 products, and the statue of the Pileh Behesht group was designed and made from the Ivan Shams collection. Also, this year, a large handmade gazebo was designed and built with the name “Yade Orsi-ha”. The year 2014 was spent with various graphic designs, and this year, the statue of the Pahlavi banquet was made for the television program with the same name. In 2015, he continued his work in the field of branding and making new jewelry collections, and designing and producing products. In 2016, the statue was designed and built for the one-minute film festival. Also, the Salamat Film Festival book was designed and printed this year. In 2018, Our Accessories was launched in the Digikala online store, which had high and significant sales. In 2019, in addition to various artistic activities, Karebeh was in charge of artistic management and the construction of the Simorgh Film Festival statue. At the end of 2019, Karebeh’s head office was transferred to Kish Island, and the wood workshop was set up. Now Karebeh works in the design and manufacturing departments in the fields of Jewelry, Ornament, Volume design and manufacturing, sculpture and statue, graphic design, hand and machine printing, packaging, cover design, decoration, and art management.

Sahar Sasani and Sina Rooh are the directors of Karebeh Art Group.

Javad (Sina) Rouh

Co Founder

  • Graphic Designer and the Art manager
  • IGDS (Iranian Graphic Designers Network) Member
  • Freelance Graphic Designer for more than 500 Companies
  • Advertising and Founding jewelries products in Karebeh art Group

Masoumeh (Sahar) Sasani

Co Founder

  • Sculpture & Jewellery designer
  • Designer and producer of more than 100 types of  Sculptures in Karebeh 
  • Holding Four special sculpture exhibitions in Tehran
  • Power yoga teacher


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